Well, almost done. 

I'm almost finished with the wearable pair of mock-up breeches!  I need to add buttons and buttonholes, and something tells me that even though I'm almost done, that will take a while.  This is a handsewing project I can do at work, while working at other stuff at home in the evening.  The buttonhole foot on my brand new sewing machine seems to be faulty...so I'm going to have to make them by hand. 
I'm nervous.  I haven't made a buttonhole for a real garment ever before.  I'll just need to make sure that I research it well.

Beyond that, I've decided (with the help of a smart & trusty friend) that since my Venetian is almost wearable, I should be spending a little time getting it ready for opening weekend.  I also need to fix the chemise because a seam in the shoulder came apart last year.  I'm hoping adding this extra pair of shoulder straps will only take one evening to figure out. 

After that I need to figure out what to do next, and I'm not sure what it should be:
Mock-up Brad's doublet
Make the linen breeches

I feel that since this pair of breeches is so fresh in my mind, it may be a good idea to get the linen breeches made, but I am excited & curious to get his doublet started.  Also...making the linen breeches will probably only take a couple of days since I've already worked out the questions I had with the pattern.

I guess that means I should move ahead with starting the linen breeches, but while I'm cutting the pieces for them, I will also cut the 1st mock-up pieces for the doublet. 

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