This ALWAYS happens to me when it comes to costume, most of the time events like birthday parties, travel, and family gatherings we have the foresight to think..."Ay!  We might need batteries for the camera!"


There were several pictures taken of us in costume at the Ball on Saturday night, but the one shot we got on our camera I am not smiling.  This is strange because at the ball while dancing and talking I can't help but the picture must have caught me when I decided for one second, to take a break.  Oops.

If I don't have any other pictures up by tomorrow, I will put the nonsmiling one of me & Brad up. 

So...I didn't get everything I wanted to get done...but I wanted to get alot done.

Work Dress to do: (still)
Velvet guard at hem
repleat back ? (I'm not sure I want to do this anymore, the pleats seemed to work on Saturday, so I'll have to reevaluate this)
new front ties
rebind parts underbodice
trim underbodice straps
attach bar and hook closure
2nd pair of sleeves
restitch bone casing on bodice

Overall, I had a good wearing of this costume on Saturday night.  The front opening seems a little wide...but I have been expanding since the wedding and now that "costume season" is mostly over it's time to start working out again.  I might wear this dress to Costume Con and if not then it will be almost 9 months (unless we attend the Midwinter feast!) until I get to wear it again so I have time to slim down without changing it. 

Oh, and my sequined shoe caught the thread in my hem, so I have a spot to fix, which will be more secure when I stitch that guard down.

Then the sequined shoe (with leather soles) took the opportunity to bust my butt on the steps of our garage.  Concrete steps.  I fell then took a second to make sure I didn't actually hurt anything, then Brad helped me up.  I didn't hurt anything majorly, but I'm sore, so I think that and the dancing both contributed to my aches and pains.

I want to finish this dress soon while I still have it all fresh in my head...but at the same time I'd like to take some time away from sewing...a week or so.  Also, I need to start making the bustle for my 1870's ensemble though I have to wait for the boning and the pattern so that is going to be my main priority once I have all the pieces to get started.  I'm not good at working on two projects at one time, but maybe I can try to get the little things done while I "take a break".

I want an updated list of costumes I want to make in the next year as it looks like it might be feasible for me to attend CosCol 2010, though I may be trading it in for our Italian Honeymoon (not because of Coscol, because of the economy).  Anyway...not going to Italy means I'll have vacation time to go to CosCol, and that is a bonus.  if you want to read the list, click "Read More"
In time for Twelfth Nigh (January)
1870's Victorian Evening gown

In Time for Con:
finish Work Dress
remake Pink Venetian Bodice?
steampunk costume

In time for MNRF:
peasantish Renaissance bodice, skirt, and over skirt
Brad's black & yellow doubet & breeches
Pirate Garb for me!

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