Yeah, I'm sorry that I haven't gotten any pictural evidence that I have actually be doing stuff on this end, but I will! 

To follow up, the button placement is fine, but I am needing to make take the waist in a little.  I can probably finish this stuff up today, but because I'm so close to being done with them, may just procrastinate and work on something else, like I'm known to do.  *smirk*

Also, I fiddled with the pants I had from the salwar kameez set, and think they should work for pants...I believe these have been worn by another person, who must have been very oddly shaped because the waist is pretty big in these pants while the legs are SO skinny!  I did want to add a litte extra pattern from the top into the pantaloons because I love the patterns and colors so much, so to add some extra puffiness to the pantaloon, I'm adding about a 4 inch strip on each side of the leg.  I also wanted to line these, so I'll need to locate the fabric I bought for that. 

Besides the extras I'm doing, these were fairly easy to make, even though I'm reusing/recycling previously cut fabric. 

Crystal told me there was a really easy way to make simple "drawers", and I found this website with instructions and illustrations!  (I'm a very visual person)

I used Brad's breeches pattern to trace the crotch, and what do you know!? I have pants! 

So...looks like I at least have a plan and can get these done soon.  Tonight I have a VSA meeting, but I am getting off of work at 3, so I hope I can get some stuff done before I have to leave for the meeting.

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