The weekend passed with various small sewing and cutting tasks achieved.  This weekend was more about seeing family and helping friends than getting any big piece of a project done.

Thanks to Brad's willingness to help, the interfacing pieces for his doublet are cut and so are the misc. pieces of the lining that needed to be cut.  Also, I think I've finishing piping the trim for my Venetian sleeve upgrade, and now need to handsew the rest of the trim onto the sleeves. 

I won't bore you with my very detailed to do list, but you can see if you click the link below.
Venetian Sleeves to do:
handsew trim onto both sleeves
add lace between fashion fabric and lining fabric
add buttons or ribbons for fastening to dress
and reattach loops on dress were necessary

Doublet to do:
baste spray interfacing onto interlining fabric
cut silk for piping
Baste spray interlining to fashion fabric, and lining to interlining for all pieces
except front & collar & tabs
sew piping onto waist & shoulder tabs, collar and doublet front opening and   
      doublet front seam
stitch pieces together
add buttons

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