put away Christmas decor in totes
Organize Halloween & left over wedding decor in totes
put totes in attic

Organize craft space
 -organize large drawers
 -organize pattern collection
 -organize scrapbooking supplies
 -organize cubbies
Organize costume storage
Organize sock drawer
Organize bathroom cabinet
Make donations to ARC or Goodwill

Paint blue samples in kitchen
decide on sample colors for bathroom, paint

Sewing: (to be done by March)
tinker with machine, take in for repairs if needed
finish sewing master bedroom draperies, hem
Attach ruffle to 1873 skirt
Finish Victorian bodice
Finish binding Victorian corset

cut fabric for: the following:
double petticoat for Grand Bustle
white underskirt for 1873 Day dress ruffle
sheer fabric for overskirt
trace skirt pattern, return to Sarah

Handsewing: (to do if machines needs repairs)
Add closure to Grand Bustle
Add closure to 1873 petticoat & skirts
make trim for 1873 Victorian
finish trimming Work Dress skirt
trim Venetian sleeves

Costume Want To Do 2010 list:
Victorian Evening Gown (nearly completed)
Victorian Day Dress
18th C. Stays for Pirate Garb ( start mocking up ASAP)
Pirate coat for me :D (for August 2010)
Brad's new Renaissance Clothing (for 2010 MNRF)

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