Another night began with sluggishness after dinner.  I haven't been feeling well this week and with so much to do I don't really have a choice but to keep on keepin' on. 

I started working at 9 and continued until 2.  Mostly I focused on my dress, but I did work on moving the buttonloops for Brad's doublet too.

Work Dress:  I attached the skirt by hand (which I could have done by machine) to the right side of the bodice.  Then I attached the left side of the bodice to the skirt by machine! so much easier!).  I wasn't 100% sure how I was going to work the skirt opening with the front opening of the bodice.  We watched Ever After a few days ago and Brad happened to pause the movie (for dinner or something) in the exact frame that showed me how Danielle's dress opened.  That was a happy coincidence and did guide my decision on where to slit the skirt...but that was a neverwracking thing...cutting my skirt fabric and being unsure if I was making the right decision.  Anyway, it looks like it should work.

Also, I got the velvet ribbon I ordered from MJ Trims for the guard on my skirt and it is lovely!  I bought the velvet trim for my bodice at Joann just last year and waited for them to restock the wider ribbon, which they never did, then I think they discontinued the color all I was worried it might not match, and if I put the colors side by side they don't match--BUT the good news is the trim on the bodice is way up on the bodice, seperated by an entire skirt...and with the space between, it does look the same!  

Approximate work time: 5 hours


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