Yesterday I got out of work a little early because I have to be here so long today.  A 10.5 hour shift...eww.  I didn't do much with my extra time...ran by the grocery store and took a nap.  I had a headache and thought sleeping would help, I don't think it did.

I tried making a new dish yesterday, leek soup.  I have wanted to try making leek soup since I first saw Bridget Jones' Diary and hers turned blue!  That was years and years ago and since I know nothing of leeks I've always been afraid to buy them at the grocery store.  Last week at the farmers' market there was a bundle of leeks for $1, so I thought it was about time to try it.  Last night I did, we didn't eat it for dinner just in case it didn't turn out...but I think it turned out very fine.

I used this Potato Leek soup recipe from as a base for my soup and taking some advice from reviews added a few extras, celery for one was added to the potatos and chicken "broth" (I used buillion cubes since it is what I had on hand".  While that boiled, I cooked the full pound of bacon (thinking bacon would make this dish at least a little interesting to Brad) in the oven because I have more success that way rather than on the stove.  Then using the bacon grease, I sauteed the 4 leeks that came in the bundle with mushrooms.  I ended up needing more oil, so I used Land o'Lakes butter/olive oil spread for that and let it all saute.  Before adding this stuff to the soup, I used our cool emersion blender that we got as a wedding gift to smooth the soup out a bit.  I did want some chunks but the blender was too quick!!  Anyway, I added the bacon, then the leeks and mushrooms and blended again...then added a little left over rotisserie chicken we had (as not to waste it) and besides needing a little seasoning, it's pretty much good to go.  I forgot to add the cream until the very end, but did half skim milk and half heavy cream to cut some of the calories.  I thought I'd end up freezing some of it as I ended up with probably 6-8 cups of soup and I don't think we will eat all of it this week. 

Because I have an excess of potatoes, and because the weather is cool enough I think next week I'll be making Zuppa Toscana, which is the reason we frequent Olive Garden as often as we do.  I made the recipe last year and it was delicious!

In edition to kitchen witchery, we finished watching Pride & Prejudice (the BBC version)  and I put a straw hat that I think is the right shape in water in order to soften it up so I can try to reshape it into something I can use for Saturday.  That went very well because the water softened it alot.  Then I set it down to dry.

Afterwards, I pulled out an old drapery panel to make a mock-up of the cloak pattern I'm using.  I cut this fabric in the dimensions of the wool I have available to see how it would turn out with so little fabric, and it looks full enough so I cut my red velvet and didn't get much further than that before I decided it was time for bed.  Hopefully I'll feel productive after my long day and get the wool cut and at least get the two seperate pieces sewn together.  I forgot to mention I want to *try* to make this a reversable cloak, but I'm having problems thinking of how to make the big clasp not funky if turned to the inside.  Hmm.

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