I had a page up and ready to go when I accidentally hit the Weebly delete button and found that there were no promps (not that I can remember) if I really wanted to delete all that work or not.  I actually didn't want to delete all the work, and it's taken me until now to even think about starting all over again.

This project started when I thought it would be nice to make the man in my life something new to wear the the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  I met Brad right before the very last weekend of MNRF 2007.  We hit it off straight away and have been to many costumed events together since then, though I haven't had the chance to make him one single item to wear.  Thus, the inspiration for this project.

Our first plan of action to was find a fabric to make the "mock-up" with.  The 2nd mock-up is more of practice garment than a muslin.  I went through all the steps of a real pair of breeches (simple) and doublet (not difficult, but time consuming) so I'd have more knowledge of how to put the real thing together and so if it turned out well Brad would have something new to wear. 

I started last summer (2009) after taking some time to mentally recoup after planning our wedding in six short months. 

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