The doublet took alot longer than I thought it would.  It seemed very work intensive to me, but that could have been due to the piping we decided to include on all of the waist tabs, and some learning processes along the way.  Also, the bulk of the work was probably done in about two weeks.  40 hours of work in 2 weeks (outside of my full time job) is a challenge.  We didn't even finish it.  The lining on the inside still needs to be attached, etc.  I'd also like to make a new set of shoulder wings for this doublet as well.

Brad helped me by attaching all the buttons on the front, which was a huge time savings.
Brad was able to wear the outfit to the MNRF on the last day we went out, which was the last weekend (it was also a muddy weekend).  A few weeks later, he wore it again to the Northstar VSA's Masquerade Ball, with a new cape and mask.  The lining of the cape matched his mask.  I like it so much I'm thinking of keeping it for my own "boy" costume (yes, crossdressing) which is what I bought the lining fabric for orginally.  If there is enough of the wool left to make another cloak for Brad...but I don't think there is enough of it left, so I will probably line this cloak for him to with this outfit, in green, I think.

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