A quick run through on the Venetian breeches, (you can read the nitty gritty on the main page by clicking the "Category" Brad's Breeches.

I was a little confused by the fly instructions, mostly becaue I've never made a pair of pants, so it was probably my own fault.  I still don't have a real clear idea of how this is supposed to work, but I made a pair of breeches and the fly seems to work just fine.  I assume I did something right.

Brad still wants these a little longer, so I should have thought about that before cutting the linen for his next pair of breeches, but I didn't!  Grr!  I'm not sure what I should do about this...cutting another pair would be the easiest, but would waste fabric.  The other alternative is to add some decorative element that adds length to the leg.  I haven't been able to find a period example of this and still am not very clear on what I could do to make this work without re-cutting.

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